Vinayaka Missions – Aviation Academy

Welcome to Vinayaka Missions Aviation Academy


Dynamic Learning Spaces

VMAA offers six spacious classrooms, providing an ideal environment for the next generation of technocrats. Our classrooms are designed to seamlessly integrate analysis with action, fostering an interactive and engaging learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with audio-visual teaching aids, facilitating dynamic lectures and impactful presentations. The majority of our classrooms are designed in an amphitheatre style, creating an immersive and collaborative atmosphere for students. Additionally, all classrooms are air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable and conducive learning environment. At VMAA, we prioritize the fusion of technology, space, and comfort to enhance the educational journey for our aspiring technocrats.

LAB Facilities and Workshops for Future Technocrats

VMAA proudly stands as the oldest Aeronautical campus in South India, offering an exceptional learning environment enriched with a Learjet 25B, Cessna 172 and 152, MI-II helicopters, and a sprawling 1 lakh sq.ft Aeronautical Lab. Our commitment to moulding technocrats with real-world industrial experience extends beyond aeronautics. Every department enjoys support from modern labs that adhere to industrial standards, fostering a comprehensive learning experience. These well-equipped laboratories not only facilitate regular coursework but also empower students to conduct experimentation, tests, and evaluations as part of their academic projects in the pre-final and final years. Complementing these facilities is our Language Lab, which provides students with a valuable opportunity to enhance their communication skills—a crucial aspect for personality development and securing placements in esteemed firms. At VMAA, we cultivate an environment where innovation meets hands-on experience, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the aerospace industry.

LIBRARY—Knowledge Hub—Beyond Boundaries

Boasting an impressive collection of over 300,000 books, our library is a treasure trove that transcends disciplines, encompassing science, engineering, technology, the humanities, social sciences, and management. It goes beyond traditional boundaries, featuring separate collections of Reference Books, Bound Volumes of Journals, Technical Reports, Theses, Video Cassettes, Compact Discs, and Microforms. As a hub for knowledge, our library serves as a dynamic space where students and scholars can explore, innovate, and delve into the depths of diverse subjects, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence.

Hostels and Staff Quarters

VMAA offers separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus, accommodating over 5000 students in A/C and non-A/C rooms. Our hostels feature spacious mess halls, modern kitchens, and environmentally conscious waste management. With 125KVA generators ensuring uninterrupted power and cable television in each hostel, along with caring wardens and tight security measures in place to guarantee a secure and pleasant stay wardens and security, we provide a secure and comfortable environment for students to focus on their studies.

Total Wellness at the Sports Campus

VMAA integrates sports, gym, yoga, and more into our curriculum, recognizing their vital role in both physical and emotional health. With dedicated centers for physical education and sports, our numerous outdoor and indoor facilities cater to diverse sporting needs, fostering fitness and a competitive spirit among students. Embrace a balanced lifestyle at VMAA, where overall wellbeing is at the forefront of our academic approach.

We ensure convenient transportation for both staff and students, facilitating easy travel to nearby places and towns.